Join our email list and stay informed about the topics and programs that interest you. The Global Programs (GP) division at Temple University orchestrates opportunities for international students from partner institutions to participate in exchange or study abroad programs at Temple … Sophomore Mechanical and Civil Engineering majors study at the Temple Rome campus, with access to cultural activities and organized outings,located just north of Piazza del Popolo — a short distance from the Spanish steps. The programs enable Temple students to have a full academic and cultural immersion experience, sitting in classrooms with students from the host country, engaged in a different educational system and taking full advantage of student life. Both Education Abroad and other organizations award scholarships for academic year, semester, and summer study abroad. Temple University, Japan Campus (TUJ) offers variety of study abroad opportunities to qualified candidates, including Temple main and Rome Campuses, bilateral exchange programs, and external programs in various cities and countries. Monday through Friday, 12pm-4pm. July 17, 2020: Temple University has made the difficult decision that it will not offer the fall semester in-person study abroad program at Temple Rome to U.S. students. All courses are taught by members of the Temple Rome faculty. Temple University’s Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses office is offering its study abroad programs in Rome, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan, for the Spring 2021 semester, for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Education Abroad. Instruction takes place both in the classroom and at cultural sites throughout the city of Rome. Once you have identified a program, secure final approval from your Academic Advisor and re-confirm courses available on your program will fulfill your degree requirements. They can also help you narrow your options, provide guidance on what scholarships you may be eligible for, review your budget, and help you solidify your next steps in planning. One difference is that the Study Abroad office supplies budgets to Student Financial Services (SFS) for all study abroad programs, and if you are accepted into a Temple study abroad progr… As an incoming study abroad or exchange student, you will have the opportunity to spend one or two semesters studying at Temple University in Philadelphia. Study Abroad Temple Study Abroad Exposure to different cultures and philosophies is particularly valuable to the art student, and Tyler encourages its students to widen their range of experiences and explore other artistic environments through study in special programs both in this country and abroad. All Temple Rome students studying abroad for a summer or semester automatically fulfill … Temple engineering students have and exciting opportunity to take a semester abroad in Rome, Italy. Programs represented include those administered by Temple, as well as many offered by other universities and study abroad organizations on our approved External Programs providers list. Temple Law is the only US law school with our own study abroad on our campuses in Rome and Tokyo, taught by main campus Temple Law faculty and well-recognized local adjuncts who have taught in these programs for years. Sign up for a Foundations of Study Abroad session, Learn tips to discussing study abroad with your academic advisor on our Academic Advising page, Apply for your passport on the State Department's website, Make an appointment with a Study Abroad Advisor, View our calendar page for dates and times, View our calendar page for upcoming sessions. Pay close attention to eligibility requirements and scholarship deadlines. Learn More Come on in! 200 Tuttleman Learning Center. 1809 N 13th Street. Copyright 2018, Temple University. Read more about Lucas. Dublin is now an incubator for artistic and multimedia innovation; home to headquarters of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, LinkedIn, eBay, PayPal and IBM earning the city the nickname, ‘Europe’s Silicon Valley' and making it a great place to study and explore media and communication. Philadelphia, PA 19122 This is the first required step for all students who want to study abroad to learn about the different types of programs, GPA requirements, how to finance a study abroad experience, housing options, and what questions to discuss with their academic advisor. You'll have the chance to talk with returned students, staff, faculty and program providers. The Education Abroad office has lots of resources and staff to help you on your way so you can carry out your study abroad research without a hitch and find your best program. Administered by Temple University’s Department of Theater and the American Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS). Study Away London is a fully accredited semester-long program in the United Kingdom. External Programs offer a number of new opportunities which expand upon many existing programs already offered through Temple. Study Abroad in Russia. Plan to take at least 15 credits abroad during the fall or spring semesters to stay on track. Temple University students continue to study abroad in Italy in Japan during the spring 2021 semester. Temple University Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses. Although the order of the steps may vary, you should always begin with Foundations of Study Abroad. Study Abroad. Visit our Virtual Office to explore resources and Zoom with the front desk. Take advantage of one of our Global Programs online information sessions to learn more about how you can study abroad for a couple weeks, a semester or year, or for your master's degree. Already selected a program? Email us. Even when you think you are broke, go out and do something -- it's always worth it. Above, Temple's study abroad office is housed inside of the Tuttleman Learning Center on Nov. 12. Stay informed about events, deadlines, scholarships, and more. If you are studying on a Temple study abroad program, you may use Temple, federal and state financial aid: loans, grants, even outstanding achievement scholarships. Adult Study Abroad participants study alongside both their ASA peers and regularly enrolled undergraduate students. Temple students from any major can study in almost any country in the world, a perk that can make researching your options both exciting and intimidating. Peer Advisors are available to assist you throughout the process. Watch Recordings: International Education Week 2020. Find out how to learn about the scholarships available. These sessions, specifically designed for students attending partner universities, are only 30-minutes long. Go back to Programs More in Study Abroad & Exchange Learn more about study-abroad options at Temple. For issues related to International Affairs web site development and maintenance, contact the webmaster. You will be able to choose from an incredible variety of courses to pursue studies in your current academic field or … Although Temple University does not have its own study abroad program in Russia, Temple students do study abroad through a variety of programs in Russia for the summer, semester and entire academic year. Office of International Affairs 403 Conwell Hall 1801 N. Broad Street Philadelphia, PA 19122 USA 215.204.9570 (phone) 215.204.9572 (fax) | COLLEEN CLAGGETT / THE TEMPLE NEWS Ideally, you should complete the first five steps listed below during freshman year, and aim to apply for your program and any scholarships at least a semester and a half before you plan to study abroad, though be careful—some programs and scholarships have deadlines even a year in advance. It is possible that a small number of students from non-U.S. law schools may also enroll in the program. Temple offers numerous study-abroad opportunities, an experience that can influence your studies, your career and your view of the world. GenEd facilitates Temple students' ability to study internationally. Throughout the year, we host program-specific information sessions, such as Temple University Rome, TU Japan, or Oviedo. Get a student’s perspective on what it’s really like to study abroad. If you can’t make the scholarship essay workshop and have an essay draft, make an appointment with a tutor at the University Writing Center. Temple University’s Education Abroad Office can help you plan your program. "It is notable that these [Temple's] classes have made me more competitive in the human rights field." The Oviedo, Spain, study abroad program was canceled. Don’t be put off! Get a glimpse of what it's like to study abroad at Temple University, Japan Campus. Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 4-7pm EST. External Programs are study abroad programs administered or sponsored by other colleges and universities, or by various study abroad organizations. All rights reserved. Talk to our student advisors to learn more about the destinations and programs you're considering, and to hear their tips about how to live like a local. View upcoming events and info sessions related to: Temple RomeTemple JapanTemple in SpainTemple Exchanges All Education Abroad eventsRecorded Information Sessions. Non-Temple Law Students If you are a student from a law school other than Temple who is earning credit toward a degree, you can usually apply your federal loans to the program costs through a financial aid consortium agreement. Meet with an academic advisor from your school or college's advising center to review your degree and graduation requirements and to discuss your plans to study abroad. The College of Liberal Arts’ (CLA) semester study abroad programs offer an unparalleled opportunity for you. Semester-Abroad Program. These advisors can help you review programs and course offerings and discuss your plan to study abroad. Learn more about Temple’s international initiatives. Program participants live and study in the heart of London close to many of the city’s universities, libraries, museums, theaters and historical sites. Temple anticipates an enrollment of about 40 students, with a maximum of 70 students. Study Abroad. Study abroad programs are a part of the Temple experience. Temple Spain Spring Semester Program. In addition to the Summer Program in Rome and the Semester Abroad Program in Tokyo, Temple offers semester-long study abroad with our partner universities, including: The best way to appreciate and understand another culture is to immerse yourself in it. They can help you explore programs and answer many of your questions about the process to study abroad. Established in 1966, Temple Rome is an ideal location for study abroad. Temple StudentsNon-Temple StudentsReturned StudentsTemple Faculty and StaffStudy Abroad AdvisorsParents and Family. You can apply for your passport on the State Department's travel website or at a local passport agency. Complete the steps below to find your ideal study abroad program and to ensure that it will fit into your degree plan. Dates and times are on our Calendar page. View the current status of office operations and overseas programs, or schedule an advising appointment. All … Study abroad in Brazil through Latin American Studies Semester in the College of Liberal Arts, and join the Graduate Students of Language at Temple University. Click here to view the message to Rome Entry Year students. The Education Abroad office has lots of resources and staff to help you on your way so you can carry out your study abroad research without a hitch and find your best program. Temple University offers scholarship opportunities to students who are interested in study abroad. Temple’s Office of Education Abroad has expanded its exchange programs to offer students the opportunity to study more curricular options in more locations. Start your application today! We host info sessions on Financing Your Study Abroad and Scholarship Writing Workshops. The skills acquired from a study abroad experience are of value to the aforementioned industries. Are you committed to developing your Spanish language skills and understanding of Hispanic culture? Click here to view the message to Study Abroad students. Our program advisors and past participants are here to assist you. E-mail: . Temple students from any major can study in almost any country in the world, a perk that can make researching your options both exciting and intimidating. Inbound Study Abroad and Exchange Program Experience American culture and make new friends by coming to Temple as a study abroad or exchange student for a semester or an entire year. Several courses offered regularly at Temple Rome also fulfill General Education requirements for Temple University students in the following areas: Arts, Race and Diversity, Human Behavior. Applying for and receiving financial aid for a Temple study abroad program abroad works almost the same as it would if you were studying at any of Temple’s campuses. If you are considering studying abroad, visit Education Abroad and Overseas Campuses located on the 2nd floor Tuttleman Learning Center. Stop by our office in 200 Tuttleman or click on the link below to register. Temple University’s Rome campus is located on the Tiber River near the Piazza del Popolo in Rome’s historic center. Now that you have figured out what your goals are, it's time to figure out what kind of program would work best for you. If you've never had a passport and apply during your first year at Temple, you can take advantage of the Passport Scholarship, which will reimburse you the cost of a U.S. passport. Join us for this required first step for students getting started who wish to learn the basics of study abroad: when, where, and how, including... Temple Spain … Education Abroad advisors can help you select a program that suits your field of study, degree requirements, and interests. Students may complete GenEd requirements abroad through the World Society waiver, by taking GenEd courses at Temple Japan, Temple Rome and other international locations, and by having non-Temple courses approved to fulfill GenEd requirements. Don’t be put off! Once you have attended Foundations of Study Abroad and met with your academic advisor, you can also choose to meet with one of our school/college and program advisors. REGISTER NOW! Copyright 2018, Temple University. View all upcoming info sessions and other events. In applying for aid, use the projected “Financial Aid Program Budget” for the J.D. In this session, you will also begin to develop your study abroad goals, which will help you choose a program that suits you. All rights reserved. The timeline by which you complete these steps will depend, to some degree, on when you begin planning and which term you intend to study abroad.