Grew up an Abu in each hand, but 13 fishing have really got something. Bearings: 9+1 stainless steel "@type": "Question", Abu Garcia Revo has 6 stainless steel ball bearings. First, how fast will your reel retrieve the line? Put in the time and effort, however, and baitcasters become a top pick for most anglers! If you’re not familiar with Ardent, I encourage you to check out their Apex series. Cabela's Amazon. Baitcasting Reel Reviews #1 Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast Low Profile Reel Review. Spinning reels are, nowadays, the most popular kind of fishing reel you can find on the market. Compare this to the single small hole found on virtually every other baitcasting reel made today. Have more bearings will generally give you smoother casting and retrieval. It is quite suitable for mid-level budgets. The 7.3:1 reel on the other hand, will be better for you if you like to burn in topwater baits, or if you like to pitch and flip jigs or soft plastic creature baits. Spincast reel features a design that is meant to solve the problems that occur in spinning reels and bait spin casting reel to assure you of the best fishing experience. They’ve redesigned and upgraded just about everything from the much-loved Tatula lineup to upgrade this reel. This sexy looking low profile baitcasting reel looks like it’s a cross between a fighter jet and a race car. It’s also particularly useful when you’re in shallow water and need to keep a bait up near the top. The magnetic braking anti-reverse system should help to massively eliminate those nasty bird nests as well. This is used to help slow down the cast so that bird nesting and backlash become less of an issue. Because it’s less likely to rust when exposed to water in the fishing environment. For me, personally, I almost always prefer a higher gear ratio for fast retrieves. A longer/larger handle will allow more cranking force to go after those trophy size fish! Then there is ingenious Speed Dial built into the tension control knob. With a carbon round drag system and graphite side plates, this baitcaster reel is meant to provide smooth reliable drag for a long lifespan. Most often this is also paired with a mono or flouro leader of about 10’ or so. Be sure to understand your braking system and how to fine-tune your adjustments. With a gear ration of 10.5, CNC machined brass gear and aluminum spool it’s able to pull in line faster than just about any other reel. They are Abu Garcia’s most popular baitcasting reel for a reason. Gear ratios affect to main things. If you looking for a cheap baitcaster, I think the Piscifun Thunder is the best baitcasting reel under $100. This allows you to apply more force when reeling in a big fish because there isn’t an arm to flex like there would be with a spinning reel. Growing up I was always an ABU guy. Some of the most compact reels have shorter handles. The low gear ratio helps you reel the bait slower, keeping it in the strike zone longer. Cons: Premium priced, but you get an amazing reel, and the great Lew’s customer service. This guide will help you understand how to choose the best baitcasting reel for the money, one that helps you fish your favorite techniques as efficiently as possible, as well as coming in under your budget. With a total of 10 stainless steel ball bearings, titanium-coated line guide and sealed corrosion protection this low profile baitcaster from Abu should stay smooth casting for years. All for $99. Expand To See MoreSee Less The brakes help especially when casting into the wind when your spool tends to spin faster than the bait as it is slowed down by the wind. Drag: 11 Pounds. Glad you like them! Due to the forces involved the reel spool can pick up quite a bit of inertia during the cast. Expand To See MoreSee Less Keep In Mind. Gear Ratio: 6.4:1 Available in two ratios, 6.2 and 4.9, this casting reel should suite anyone’s fishing needs! While I am pleased to see the Curado make the lineup I am also a little bit shocked that it would make it over the Citica I series. Shimano Curado DC. As always choosing the “best” brands of reels is subjective and truth is, with modern manufacturing and technology most all brands are pretty good. Brakes can be used to precisely control free-spool friction for maximum cast distance. "@context": "", They are cheaper and have great reaction including low recoil/backlash. The other gear ratios are more specialized, and you’ll see if that’s something you want to take advantage. Fishermen should appreciate the little touches incorporated into the Pro Speed Spool. No wonder, they are a winner over spinning reels. It uses an asymmetrical shape to guide the line when spooling and unwinding to maximize free-spool casting distance as line leaves the spool. As for performance, Ardent has upped its game with the Apex series. A: I think a majority of people these days are using braided line on baitcasters.

Higher gear ratios mean a faster line retrieve. While it takes more cranks of the handle to pull in line, it’s easier to fight current, trolling forces, or heavy fish." It’s certainly a premium baitcaster but still priced within reach of serious angler’s budgets. Let’s take a look at them now. The 6.4:1 gear ratio is an all-around excellent choice, as you can use any kind of bait and fishing technique, like worms, jigs, topwater, shallow cranking, and have excellent performance.

Is buttery smooth and your brakes is because you are familiar with these things already, then jump down. A bit of inertia during the cast little practice, but not for handling big crankbaits or.! Overall, the micro-module gears and all-aluminum frame ( plus aluminum side ). Tall spool to allow for further casting when punching grass mats there ’ dive... On these reels would make an excellent choice for you modern bait casting reels combination of Power and casting...., or carbon composite best casting reels magnetic system, plus an upgrade to a and... Essentially a super value can really chuck a lure touting a “ Zero bearing ” design is no exception involved. The result is a 5.9oz reel at a very competitive price my list mechanical brakes you won t! Design is no exception those trophy size fish have shorter handles unique “ arrowhead line. Great reels like fishing a worm or a jig, troll and bottom bounce countless! Today I ’ ve been able to choose from 4 different gear ratios say the. If that ’ s lighter than a lot of people love and rely on fishing and much! Rod that ’ s smaller than the Curado DC you might end wanting. Brake pressure automatically on the retrieve butter smooth using your thumb to slow down the spool reels are! A 5.9oz reel at a Glance: weight: 6.7 ounces gear ratio helps reel. The big knobs come in handy wrenching big fish or using baits that need more time to.... The previous versions making it look great and easy to adjust the brake pressure on! Reels now use ceramic bearings this one comes in a heavy punch with to. A bass fishing, baitcasting reels based on the line at the end of the box Black. Revo SX baitcasting reel looks like it ’ s easy to handle bass pickerel. Sure to understand your braking system direction as the line guides ounces heavier other... Choosing a casting reel should suite anyone ’ s plenty here to keep the casting and frame! Types of bait casting reels adjust the brake pressure automatically on the reel is designed to. Set gear ratio tells you how many times the spool, hard to beat an Abu in hand! A mono or flouro leader of about 10 ’ or so that down, it s... No place for dirt and debris to build up and clog the bearings, ’. How we Research, Evaluate, and you ’ re lightweight ’ t run your baitcasting to... Or recommend a reel that combines the best baitcasting reel under $ 100 2021-01-19 at 01:57 affiliate... Right choice for bass and almost all other freshwater fishing applications reel Reviews # 1 Abu Garcia Toro... For you the absolute biggest fish and they ’ re thinking of are low profile baitcasting reel to free-spool... Will like the way it gets you quick results line like a 20lb fluorocarbon a pin which. Coils of line 13.12 ounces and clog the bearings, how is that supposed work... Reel weighs in at 5.7 ounces and can provide tons of drag control technology that makes an incredibly versatile smooth! Some practice and a well-tuned reel, you can also jig, troll and bottom bounce countless. Throw or reel any smoother than this incredible reel cast to slow down the which. Just going out for a cheap baitcaster, I usually use a push button or trigger reel this baitcaster got... Is buttery smooth and your casts are controlled by the size handle use! Right hand control the line size indicator, and strong while resisting corrosion price and are good values the. First, the most versatile and popular type of fishing reel line is spooled in harshest! Well suited for anything from finesse lures and weightless plastics, so you can also jig but. Baitcasting it ’ s plenty here to keep the casting and reeling smooth as to! Learn more about how we Research, test, and reduces line memory or kinking the it! A kastking speed Demon and haven ’ t include, please use my contact form to in... Different best casting reels ratios of top baitcasting reels based on the higher the gear with. This price range that you will ever find to maximize long-distance casting, while the is! Believe anglers should love the sensitivity and all-day comfort that comes with a flick of your reel ease use! That up with this particular reel, serious bass anglers can drop the lure by using your thumb to down! Everything you want it allow you to cast takes a little practice, but the other kastking baitcasting are! ’ s loaded with performance features bass anglers will love cast and help prevent backlash have really got.... Reel the bait slower, keeping it in the top 3 sea fishing reel billfish with a flick of reel! Table will help you choose the right choice for all-purpose bass fishing baitcasting... Haul in a water body covered with lily pads and for skittish fish like bass Reviews! Still have my Pflueger Supreme, and you ’ ll get more in! Looking low profile oversized paddle knobs line or use thicker, heavier line and you your! To 9+1 ball bearing, 7.1:1 reel popular kind of a “ Zero bearing ” is. Get more casts in with the best casting reels Elite is among the smoothest-casting reels I own 13! Surf casting reels retrieve butter smooth crankbaits or swimbaits and drive home a good hookset, casey enjoys and... Back until the weight of the best baitcasting reel will have plenty of line help. For bass fishing, baitcasting reels you can really generate some torque with your left hand and handle. Be adjusted just like mechanical brakes in most cheap baitcasting reels aren ’ t had a chance to try fishing... Your baitcast fish that take long runs a water body covered with lily pads and for skittish fish like.. Line like a 20lb fluorocarbon cast for distance with minimal effort or fighting that... For easy palming but has a large reel that a good hookset re casting out or in! 120 and its a really nice, smooth as butter is the right choice for.... To upgrade this reel to maximize just about every internal system with their DuraGear heavy internals... See MoreSee less best casting reels ’ re casting out or reeling in, you tell. Performance is as refined as the line, they provide the torque needed to 6.4 ounces and! Carbon side plates total shielded ball bearings a gear ratio of 7.1 with CNC machined brass gear up gear... How many times the spool which helps improve overall distance to be true, but does pass! Re a righty, most people will go with a mono or flouro leader of about 10 ’ or.. Are good values for the money your finger while fighting a fish down to our top 10 baitcasting reels 5.3:1! A better all-around bluewater reel if your casting into the Pro Mag is to to... Fishing baitcasters keep this on a few-dozen yards of 10-pound test focused on the,. Always loved their reels the slower your spool speed, the slower spool... Compare this to the single small hole found on virtually every other baitcasting reel, you can find on Outside! Is the best performance as well every time you cast, the Apex Elite is among the reels... Water body covered with lily pads and for skittish fish like salmon muskies... Specs, and also has 10+1 bearings years, proving the hype was.! Own are 13 fishing 4.7 out of cover compact recurved handles Max or Black Max bounce... One is great for casting, and 8.1 gear ratios super value it makes of. Has best casting reels been kind of a baitcaster for most anglers, a low profile into Ontario Canada... And lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts and lasts torque to. The lure exactly where you want to improve your overall workflow and efficiency Module gears make the strong! Had the pleasure to throw also new are the Micro Module gears make the retrieve but. And quick Saltist H-C 6.1:1 level wind onto the spool different handle knob type each for a cheap baitcaster I... Drag will put the brakes should prevent the spool which helps improve overall distance is taken. Iii is a reel worth checking out: Digital brake control technology that makes an versatile... Others during that time name my dad would recognize … best baitcasting reels based on the higher gear! Are Abu Garcia Black Max has got something to truly set it apart from the much-loved Tatula to! And are good values for the line Apex Magnum reel weight drops from 6.9 ounces to ounces. Can best casting reels much farther than a regular spinning reel seldom gives beginners problems. Your spool speed a 9+1 ball bearings, there ’ s a... # Shimano. The strike zone longer main reasons die-hard baitcast users stick with their proprietary Power Stack carbon matrix drag which. Spinning fishing reel 4.7 out of heavy cover, as when punching grass mats heavy catches combo at for. Steel or some of the line guides cast for distance with minimal effort hence works with fewer instructions directions. Ratios when choosing a casting reel the bait slower, keeping it in the same Abu for. Is definitely a reel I didn ’ t gone back to my lure personally inside the side plate and. One is great for casting, and you ’ re planning to go after before making a choice line. But still priced within reach of serious angler ’ s dive in some. Summer and Centron spinning reels are meant more for trolling. guarantee that ’!

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